Lost Island Event

Lost Island is a classic survival event where you can earn/lose points by killing other players.

But don't worry, no one loses his items on his death.

All players start on a pirate island.


Get ready for the fight and

compete against other players.

For killing a player

you get 1 point. but

if you are killed, you lose

one point. But you lose

no items and so do
not lose the fun of the event.

Who has the most points

gets a reward at the end!

That no one steals something from your chests you can secure your chests. Only you have access to this chest then!Kiste_1.pngKiste_2.png

To secure your chests, you must write the following on a sign on the chest:


1. Name

2. Name

After placing the sign on the chest, you right-click on the sign and it is secured!

You can add friends by adding their names under your name.

ATTENTION! Doesn't work with double chests (2 signs, per chest 1)


If you should die, you can use /deathpoint to

return to your death point.


With /report <name> <ground> you can report players

who do not follow the rules. Our team ensures order!

If you have questions or other concerns join the Discord.

Have fun with the event, the Piraty.NET team